Hi all!

December was another hard month of fishing for snapper. I fished all depths but the larger fish were difficult to catch through the hoards of baby ones. But we still managed to bring home a decent feed.

Had some successful charters where some bigger snapper were caught but they were few and far between.

Kings on the other hand were ALL on. Hooking them on dead baits and live mackrels at the Happy Jacks and also on some flat ground futher up the coast. A few trips up to Channel Island had produced a couple and there were some nice kings caught up at Port Jackson.

What I have noticed is that more and more bait fish are heading into the shallows and large flocks of seabirds can be seen in workups.

Kahawai are thick around the islands at the moment, which makes it ideal for straylining in close.

It still feels that summer is six weeks behind. With kingi trips being successful, snapper fishing is bound to step up in coming months.

Keep you posted, Chris